Um, ok, what do you want to know about me?  Thirty something, working girl. No wait, that makes me sound like a hooker.  Thirty something, working mum?  Better but this isn’t really a mummy blog.  Not really.  Hmm.

Ok how about this: I’m a thirty something girl.  I have a baby daughter who is awesome and getting cheekier by the day.  I also work full time and occasionally renovate the odd house here and there.  As you do.  I continually struggle to juggle everything and would fail repeatedly without the help of my other half, M.

I have an opinion on pretty much everything and tend to subscribe to the obnoxious theory that you can never lose an argument if you’re the one shouting the loudest.  I have a fairly small group of friends (the last two facts may be connected!) but the ones I have are epic and I love them.

My life is not Instagram worthy and I’ve never got to grips with Pinterest.  I think I’m hilariously funny despite a wealth of evidence to the contrary and I believe that a healthy dose of sarcasm, cynicism and a large cup of tea are essential to get through the day.

Nice to meet you.  Welcome to my blog where I get to write all about me. 😉  We’re gonna have so much fun!