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Social media
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So, here’s a question I’m genuinely interested in hearing an answer to: how do you feel about putting pictures of your children up on social media? 

I read a lot of blogs.  I absolutely adore learning about people’s lives and about their families but, perhaps hypocritically, I don’t put up many photos of my baby on the internet.  

I have a Facebook account, an instagram account and a twitter account which I don’t know the password for.  I barely ever update my Facebook but in the early days of having bubs, I was posting the cuter photos of her on instagram (couldn’t help myself – it’s biologically programmed in!).  In hindsight this was a bit silly really.  Given that my Facebook is restricted to only people I’m friends with (which is not hundreds and hundreds of random people) it would have been more sensible to post photos of her on there rather than on my completely open instagram page.  Of course, the inevitable happened and a complete stranger ‘liked’ a photo of her. 

Ok, so maybe I over reacted but I was instantly extremely uncomfortable with the idea of total strangers perusing my pics of my kiddo and giving them enough consideration to decide to like them.  I mean, they have good taste: she’s gorgeous.  And I’m sure their intentions were completely pure.  But I wasn’t happy with it so I took them all down.  And generally since then I haven’t posted any on any open social media site. 

However, as I say, I follow and read a lot of people who really don’t seem to have that concern.  And I have ‘liked’ photos of their kids!!  So how is it that they feel comfortable with that, and I don’t?  

It’s a strange one.  I have a difficult relationship with social media at best.  I feel torn between accepting that it is part of all of our lives now, and will be a part of my daughter’s life as she grows up, and dealing with the feeling that we all put way too much info out there in the public sphere.  I can’t help feeling that it’s going to come back and bite us at some point. 

It’s not a dilemma I’ve managed to reconcile yet.  And I don’t know how to approach it as bubba gets older.  If anyone has any thoughts, I’d love to hear them!


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