To blog or not to blog: that is the question

Alpacas in the snow
Ok, well.  Not to give away the ending or anything but, given that I am indeed ‘blogging’, I guess the question is answered. But please feel to read on regardless of this spoiler. 

I think the trick to this here ‘blogging’ lark is to still write even when you’re not sure you feel like it.   

I’ve had a lovely lovely week just gone.  I had time off work and spent it with my family doing, well, not doing much actually.  Dog walks. Nice lunches.  Staying in and making my daughter giggle uncontrollably by tickling her.  It was epic.  I throughly recommend a week off mid-Jan.  Christmas is never exactly relaxing, what with all the excitement and a million people to see.  And having this week off definitely helped with the January blues that can sometimes kick in.  It felt like a proper proper break. 

But for various reasons it made me think about some stuff that is bothering me at the moment.   Nothing major, and writing the above now makes me realise that I don’t have much to complain about but nonetheless, I felt a bit blue about the state of affairs in some aspects of my life and, frankly, it kinda killed my blogging buzz.  I wasn’t sure it was something I wanted to write about (and I’m still not, so sorry for the irritating vagueness) but it was mostly what was occupying my thoughts, so I didn’t know what else to say.  I’m not great at the ‘fake cheerful’ thing – it just comes off as creepy and weird.  Which is always hot. 

So I didn’t blog.  Which is dangerous because then I start wondering whether I should bother at all if I can’t rely on myself to write something regularly.  But I’ve pushed through.  I’m back to work and I’m back here.  Can’t get rid of me that easily after all.  And if you’re having your own January slump, I hope the above picture of alpacas in the snow helps cheer you up.


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