A plague on both your houses

Gah! Illness has befallen us. Actually that’s not strictly accurate. Illness had already befallen (befellen?) me over the New Year.  I saw the New Year in with one eye open under the duvet.  Party animal, that’s me.  I’m on the road to recovery, thanks for asking.  But now the baby has befallen ill (enough with the befallen already) and we are all really suffering.  I have a horrible feeling I gave it to her, which adds another level of rubbish to the already crappness I am feeling.   Hooray for parenthood.
M is taking the brunt of the pain, poor man, even though he is currently holding out against catching this cold himself (he says he is resisting it by the force of his sheer awesomeness.  Um…yeah, ok.)  But even despite that, he’s struggling.  The thing is, the baby sleeps with a dummy.  It’s one of those things we said we’d never use and we lasted two solid days after her birth, before M made an emergency dash to Boots and came back with the life saving plastic silencers. She doesn’t have it while she’s awake any more but still wants it to nap and sleep.  If it falls out she wakes up. But have you ever tried breathing through a blocked nose while you have a plastic sucker in your mouth?  Well if not, let me enlighten you – it doesn’t work.  And so the baby can’t breathe. Which means she can’t sleep. Which means that M who does the night shifts with her at the moment doesn’t sleep either.  

Add that to the fact that bubs (who is normally the happiest baby you’ve ever met) is being whiny and clingy during the day because she feels poorly and you have a very sad household.  Poor baby girl.  And I’m feeling guilty for swanning off to work all day and leaving M to it. He’s only got a couple more weeks looking after her before he’s back to work and it’s a shame that it’s being spoilt. Bah. 

Anyway, I’m writing this on the train as I do the aforementioned swanning off.  Funnily enough the guilt of leaving is now fading fast with every passing minute towards my quiet, dummy free, work place… Sssh – don’t tell M.  Poor man.  Wish us all a swift recovery! 


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