Back to the daily grind

First day back to work after the Xmas break.  I’m sat on the train and the heating is broken and it’s absolutely freezing.  Plus it’s running late because of ‘slippery rails’.  I know it’s the age old commuter moan but for crying out loud – we live in England people! It’s often cold and it’s always wet and yet it apparently remains beyond the reach of the rail companies to somehow find a way of dealing with the most basic of weather conditions without everything coming to a grinding halt.  Amazing.  As you can tell I’m in a fabulous mood for my first day back!!

Actually, I’ve just realised it’s my first year’s work anniversary today.  Technically I joined my company a year ago but I was already pregnant when I joined (yes, that was a fun conversation to have with an employer I hadn’t even started with yet) so I was only there for 3.5 months before I went on maternity leave.  I was then off for 6.5 months looking after my little girl (aka ‘the munchkin’, ‘bubba’, ‘bubs’) before returning at end of October.  So I still feel very much the new girl.

M (the other half) has been looking after bubs since I went back to work.  We decided to do that terribly modern thing you can do now where you split your parental leave.  So he’s having 2.5 months off work on daddy duty.  I’m not sure he knew what he was signing up for when we agreed this (before baby arrived I might add).  He seemed to think it was going to be a three-ish month holiday! Hahahaha.  Hilarious man!  He’s done brilliantly though and bubba totally adores him.  It’s super cute.  She’s our first and I think it’s fair to say that parenthood has been a steep learning curve.  I’m miles away from being a ‘natural earth mother’!  I subscribe much more to the ‘scraping by’ method of parenting.  But she’s still alive and happy 8 months in and we’ve survived (so far) so I’m taking that as a win. I find if you set the bar really really low, it’s amazing how much you can achieve!

Oh god.  It’s now the end of my day as I’m finishing this and I’ve just been offered used tissue by a random stranger drinking beer on the bus. God bless you London public transport – you never fail to entertain.  Don’t even get me started on the time I found 3 random potatoes on a bus seat. Just three. All alone. I kid you not. I will now leave you to ponder how, what, and why ???? as I have done ever since…


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