New year, new blog, etc. etc.

It’s always tricky to know what to write for a first blog post.  Chances of anyone reading it? Practically nil. But you need to say something to get things off the ground or you’ll never actually start and just spend forever playing around with WordPress themes.

I love writing and I love writing blogs.   I have never really got to grips with twitter – it’s too restrictive.  How am I supposed to condense my thoughts into such a limited space??  Simply not possible I’m afraid.  However hard I try, I will always end up using ten words where two would do.  And I’m in my thirties now, so it’s unlikely that will change.  If there was ever a decade in your life for just accepting that you are the way you are, your thirties is it I’ve decided.  Or is that just an excuse to quit making New Years resolutions?  Maybe…

Anyway, I spent a while thinking about what this blog should be about. My favourite blogs are always about a central theme.  But my life is too chaotic for that.  If I restrict myself to only talking about a certain element of my life, I just won’t write anything when something else is dominating my head space.  So instead this is just going to be me, saying it like it is.

Too cheesy to end the post with the blog name??  Yeah – a bit.  Oh well.


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